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pet portrait commissions

immortalize your beloved pet with a unique painting

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how do I order my pet portrait?

Go to Contact Page and contact the artist with your request and questions. The artist will then ask you about your size and budget requirements. Once that's settled, send one or more jpeg images of the pet.

The artist will then get started and keep you posted along the way. When it's completed, the artist will send you an image of the portrait for your approval, or if you would like to make any alterations before the final varnish. 

The portrait is then shipped safely to you, and the artist provides you with all the tracking info you need.

E-Transfer and PayPal are preferred methods of payment. Full payment is due on the day of shipping.

We ship anywhere in North America.


how does pricing work?

Pricing varies for each commission. The base price for commissions is $275.00 for the smallest size which is 12" x 12".

Sizes go as large as 24" x 36"; $1900.00-$3,000.00

On average, commissions are $400.00-$700.00 for a mid-sized portrait depending upon degree of difficulty and detail.

Shipping and handling will be added to the price and averages between $16.00 to $45.00

*all pricing is in Canadian dollars

how long will it take?

The process usually takes 2 weeks to a month. For rush orders, 15% is added to the price and you can receive the portrait within 4 to 7 days.


what types of animals does the artist paint?

Tracey paints domestic animals such as dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, ferrets and she  also delights in painting farm animals and wildlife.

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