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Image by Eleonora Patricola

About the Artist

Tracey Hill (B.F.A, B Art Education) -former art history and studio art teacher, art history lecturer and high school administrator- works and resides in Montreal, Canada, a city filled with unique cultural landmarks, beloved local destinations and historical monuments. The artist portrays her subjects in a nostalgic, glowing manner, evoking reminiscent responses from viewers and clients.

"I am ever intrigued by how an image can change how we view a place in time or a memory. Paintings offer us the opportunity to reconsider our surroundings through the eyes of the artist, whether gritty, romantic, abstract or starkly realistic."

Through her investigation of culture, politics, history and nature, the artist is driven to find the metaphorical meaning behind man-made spaces and revisit them with fresh, yet nostalgic eyes. 

Tracey also creates one-of-a-kind custom neon paintings, using names, monograms or images selected by her clients. As well, the artist recreates landmark destinations and neon sign paintings for clients worldwide, portraying the iconic beauty of cities such as Paris, Toronto, New York, Las Vegas, London, Vancouver, L.A and more.

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