Bringing out the eyes

Almost done...

'Kenny' finished.



Each and every original pet portrait begins with one or more photographs as inspiration. The artist and the client work

in tandem, choosing just the right pose and

expression that will later be painted.

The artist works on a series of sketches in order to obtain

the perfect composition.

Once the sketch is complete, the artist then determines

the right tone for the background, and the painting process

begins. The artist pays special attention to the animal's

eyes and emotional expression. 

The next step is creating fur/hair tones and textures,

moulding the features and creating light and atmosphere.

Finally, the artist adds the finishing touches like tiny hair

strokes, gloss to the eyes and a 10-12 layers of various tonal varnishes.

The result is a remarkable likeness of the pet, but unlike a photograph, Tracey adds special care to groom away

stray hair, remove cataracts from the eyes of older

animals, rearrange paws, create a more contemporary

or more decorative background, remove objects which

might interfere with the focus of the main subject, etc.

Many clients, upon viewing Tracey's pet portraits for the

first time, are moved to tears...

Order your portrait today, or give one as a gift.

​It will be cherished forever.


C R E A T I O N   O F    A   P E T   P O R T R A I T

W I L D L I F E   A R T   &   P E T   P O R T R A I T S

Sketching out the features

Original photo of 'Kenny'

Fur & background

Tracey Hill  

Meet Kenny; A beloved pooch who sadly passed last year, whose family requested a close-up of his adorable face to keep his memory alive and vibrant forever. From a single photograph, here's how the painting emerged...