Tracey Hill  

W I L D L I F E   A R T   &   P E T   P O R T R A I T S

T R A C E Y   H I L L, B.F.A./Art Education

Richmond, QC. Canada

Classically trained in painting and drawing at B​ishop's University (Fine Arts) and Concordia University (Studio Art/Art Education), Tracey spent the better part of her 20 year career as an art educator, school administrator, leadership trainer & gallerist. Tracey has also known succcess with mural design (published in Decor Mag Magazine), landscape painting and decoy design (Heritage Decoys Inc.). Since 2012, she has maintained her full artistic focus on the creation of contemporary wildlife paintings and more recently, commissioned pet portraits.

A deep love for all creatures -great and small- and a healthy respect for the environment was the starting point for her journey into wildlife art.
 Traveling across the local Quebec countryside to nature reserves, parks, wildlife habitats, zoos and Laurentian & Eastern Townships country homes has offered Tracey a wealth of imagery and inspiration to use as starting points for her canvases. Patiently studying her subjects through her Nikon lens, Tracey photographs wildlife mainly indigenous to southern Quebec or Asian and African animals trapped in the unfortunate confines of zoo pens and cages. 

"My primary aim is to get the 3 "i"s---capturing the intelligence, integrity and intensity of the animal, making it difficult for the viewer to look away from those mesmerizing gazes. Now that I am expanding my horizons into domestic pet portrait commissions, my clients are especially thrilled with my style because they feel the character & spirit of their beloved pet shine through."

To view Tracey's extensive field study, see photography below;

A  B  O  U  T      T  R  A  C  E  Y